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Music fills my heart and soul and makes me happy. 
I sing, play and collaborate with others. Live music brings people together for an 
in-the-moment experience. I have been fortunate to
play and perform in
 many bands. I am a songwriter, singer and play guitar and percussion and love to dance! 

ally and brite drive at porchfest.jpg
Brite Drive 5 plays at Porchfest in Adams Morgan
Luther and I rocking.jpg
Jamming with friends
Lovely Jewels

If you scratch below the surface, beautiful colors will be revealed


This project was a labor of love and took many years to complete. The songs, music and art work was inspired by the vibrant people I was fortunate to know and love through my work with people with dementia and Alzheimers disease. 

Rather than focus on their illness, I wanted to share their life stories, their multidimensionality, the beauty of their spirits.
It truly was a gift, an honor, and an amazing
life lesson to be present and in-the-moment with these amazing people.

Come Visit My Life- keepAllyson Ger
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For more music, youtube: allysonger

If you scratch below the surface, beautiful colors will be revealed. 

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