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Factory Exhibit

"Just A Number,"abstract painting, selected by Franz Bader, D.C. abstract art pioneer.

National Institutes
of Health

"Dancing Tree," painting selected for juried art show.


National Art Award

"FY," Oil painting and "Trucks,"charcoal drawing selected & exhibited in N.Y.C.


"Dinosaurs and Sunflowers," selected and commissioned

for the revitalization of Silver Spring, MD

"D.C. and Big Cherry Trees," commissioned

by My Brother's Place restaurant.



ally on top of mountain.jpg
Ally & Freda dancing.jpg

I am continually discovering and expressing parts of myself through the arts, mindfulness, yoga, time in nature, music and through collaborations.

As a professional multidisciplinary artist, coach and facilitator, who has worked with all ages and populations, my life’s work and passion is to partner with others to support them in discovering and living their vision for greater fulfillment.

As a yoga and mindfulness teacher, my approach is to start from where the person is and open them to new discoveries, growth and to create change for greater fulfillment and share their gifts with the world.

ally balancing
ally bethesda mural.jpg
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